Scene Behind The Scenes

Welcome to our very first episode of Scenes Behind The Scenes, what will become a weekly clip showing what our daily skate is like. Not much glamour, more just about the fun and feeling of pushing the city and finding new and rethinking the old. In San Francisco, theres a lot to be said for the skating that happens apart from actual spots.
I once heard an accurate quote from Barker Barrett that i think puts it best, "the most fun you'll have skating here is to the store", its not that there arent plenty of spots here, its more that the feel of skating this city is found on the sidewalks, curbs, bumps and just finding new lines and reaching new levels of comfort and ease on the board, which I think is a unique quality to this place. It has certainly shaped my skating unmeasurably. SF style to me is a good push and having the mind to figure out the remains of this once skate mecca. Without getting too sentimental lets just say this is my attempt at bringing Barker's quote to life, or at least to the interweb. Hope you all enjoy, Viva La Rasa. - evan
Featuring: Matt Field, Max Van Arnem, Evan Kinori (film/edited), Bryan Botehlo, and Ben Gore