This past week in photos!

Chris, Ryan, and I (Patrick) headed out to San Francisco last Saturday to finish up Ryan's part and hang out with the Rasa family. The first full day we were here, we skated all around the city and had a ton of fun downtown. Jesse came up from SJ and skated with us. He got this front smith too! Click all photos posted thus forth to see larger versions.

We took a day off to cruise around SF and check out some awesome scenery. Not missing a beat, we skated the next day from sun up to sun down. After a bit of spot doctoring by Jesse, we skated this new hubba. Mango launched a kickflip over it.

After people got their tricks, we headed down to the Haight St. area to eat at Asqew Grill. They welcomed us warmly with delicious food and also an odd admiration for the way our boards were placed near the wall. They even took photos for their own keeping.

After the meal, we enjoyed the warm sun glowing on Haight St and skated around.

Field showing Ryan & Jesse some spots.

This guy wandered over and tried to charge me a dollar for taking this picture. Pretty good hustle if you ask me... although his logic is not air-tight.<

Rasa & friends: Marley, Mango, Brian, Matt, Ryan, Alexis, Jesse & Louie!!

More photos/mini clips will be posted later!