live from the arizona plains

heres a little check in with ryan with a few questions and photos. enjoy

Getting up to go down. Taken by Dave Chami on one of Ryan's many journeys up to San Francisco.

Moon gravity or hidden bump? Switch backside flip in Kelowna, Canada, taken by Randy Rivera

and lastly a switch back 50 taken by Matt Price from their summer trip to NYC

Hey ryan, where you at and whats been up?
- I'm in arizona about to spend some quality time with my mom.

How did your SkateboardMag cover come about?
- i think swift and them decided it was the best photo for the photo annual and the trick worked out for their new layout. its definitely one of the best things to happen in my life and for that i am really thankful for all those guys. price and i had no idea until the day before it came out so we were so stoked and it was nice cause freddie and matt rod were in town so we got to celebrate with them.

Any future endeavors?
- well i think im going to be in san francisco this winter for a little bit, and then hopefully some international travel next year? a couple trips are in the works but nothing set in stone. finally making the move to tempe also, a whopping 12 miles from my house.

Also any internet items your siked on that you want to share?
-this is the guy to watch for in 2010..... always gets me hyped to skate. truly original. MANGOS PART

Last words?
- i really just want to skate, all day everyday. i've been hurt for a couple months and it's been killing me. can't wait to skate with all the arizona kids this winter. i couldn't be more thankful for a better group of friends and skate scene. they all killz it

To see whatsup with ryan and some of his scene, head over to SkateAZ.com
Thanks ryan, heal up soon.