let it roll

november is coming in hot for la rasa familia, heres a bit of news on the squad and the happenings:
-southwestern wise, check out ryan's new section that is definitly opening some eyes to his steady growing pop and sugar induced ripping  

-matts working on the finishing touches for the rasa vid but check these rare gems that recently popped up on the tube

-kenny is believed to be in kuala lampur following a visit to Skateistan in Afghanistan
-Joel is holding it down in MIA doing his thing and filming for the MIA skateshop and rasa vid
-lastly but never the least, the hardest working and humblest human on the scene mr. botehlo is inna SF doing what he does, cruising the city with zach on the quest for new spots and good times. bryan runs some smooth operation on them streets, check out a couple of clips hes got in a promo for Mike Poores new video, Therapy.  blunt fakie manual radness

roll freedom roll